haha why the hell not?

Snape fans welcome...
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This is just to see if this will work... or enough interest in it.. so.. there ya go...for a quick profile and some fun lil web dahs (dollz) of members... SOS profiles etc

YOU still cant figure out how to post here?
OKEY... see this... press it..

... tis the same button as up there... (points up)

IF YOU would like to join us..
please just tell us a bit bout you...
and you can be added to our message board IF YOU LIKE...
we do spam a LOT ... the LOL or yeah posts are fine...
dont stay on topic.. rarely anyway
and have very few rules... 1. no racism 2. no personal attacks
aside from that... just bout anything goes...
read some of the profiles.. visit their LJs.. see if you wanna.. then write in this LJ..

Claire, or Silly can add you...